Mala Magic

Just taking a moment to share what I’ve been up to over the past month. I’ve been busy enjoying summer with my family and trying to expand my crystal knowledge so I can up my jewelry making game. 

I did a very insightful tarot reading at the 1st of the month:

I love the Celtic Cross Spread! It’s complicated, but I really read it well so I try to do this spread at the beginning of the month. It usually gives me a great sense of what the overall vibe of the month will be. Any guess about what this spread is telling me? 

Here’s the Malas I’ve made as of today. Once I have a few more made I will be reopening my Etsy store and there may or may not be some cool things included with each Mala to celebrate and MAYBE a giveaway! 🎉 Lots of brainstorming going on!

I’m also trying to learn how to add clasps to make a different type of necklace:

My clasp skills need a lot of work, but I think this will be a great option for anyone that doesn’t want a long, tassel necklace. 

So, there’s my monthly update! What type of gemstone jewelry would you be interested in wearing? I’d love your feedback! 

Love + Light-


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