Inner Peace Mala

I received a huge bead order and was immediately smitten with the gorgeous strands of Aquamarine! I have been really drawn to green and blue stones lately. Blue stones are typically associated with your throat chakra -our communication center-  (and sometimes the 3rd eye) while green is associated with the heart chakra -love center-. Blue … Continue reading Inner Peace Mala

Love is all you need

Today I made a gorgeous Mala out of two of the most amazing, love-filled gemstones: Rose Quartz + Rhodonite.  Pink is one of my least favorite colors, but I love the soothing and healing energies of these pink stones!  Rose Quartz is such a special stone for me. It was one of the first stones … Continue reading Love is all you need

Mala Magic

Just taking a moment to share what I've been up to over the past month. I've been busy enjoying summer with my family and trying to expand my crystal knowledge so I can up my jewelry making game.  I did a very insightful tarot reading at the 1st of the month: I love the Celtic … Continue reading Mala Magic