Tarot Card a Day

To aid in my Tarot studies (which is proving to be more challenging than I thought) I decided that I was going to start pulling a daily card. I’ve been doing it every morning and I’m very excited about the positivity it’s brought into my life!

I don’t know if it’s the energy of a new year and the chance that brings all of us to dig deep and evaluate are wants, needs, and desires OR if I’ve reached my breaking point, but something in my heart just feels incomplete. No, this has nothing to do with my relationships (love, family, friends, etc…). It’s personal; my soul.

I’ve been pulling a Tarot card every day for the past two weeks and now I can’t imagine a morning where I don’t pull a card! I shuffle the deck and meditate on this question: What do I need to focus on today?

I pull a card, evaluate the image, and write down a few words that come to mind and then I look up the meaning or other tarot readers interpretations and I try to develop my own intuitive viewpoint of the card. This has helped me not only learn more about the cards, which is aiding in my studies, but I feel like I’m more in tune with myself and it’s pretty damn cool.

This journey was not something I was seeking, tarot found me. I never thought this would be something I’d feel so passionately about, but I truly feel I am learning an amazing process that I can use to help other people sort their own shit out. That’s what tarot does. It isn’t a fortune telling tool. Those images that come to mind of gypsies in a tent with crystal balls offering to read your fortune are nothing close to what tarot actually is! It’s a tool to help you think outside the box. Tarot will open your heart and mind in ways you never imagined. You’ll see things in life in brand new ways.



My Tarot space



What are your thoughts on Tarot?

Love + Light


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