Moon Magic


I’m excited to share that I just became a Lunar Mystic through the Moondaughter Mystic School!

This is just one part of the full Metaphysical Practitioner program I’m in the process of completing (the others: Tarot Card, Chakras, Crystal Healing).

As some of you know I suffered a terrible hamstring/knee injury in June and it has significantly slowed me down physically. I started to heal and get better (just barely touching my toes again ) when I somehow reinjured my knee! So frustrating. Since I can’t push myself physically, I decided it was time to push myself mentally. So I enrolled in the Mystic School and I’m so excited to expand my holistic horizons.

The Lunar Mystic portion of the program focuses on the different Moon phases and the energies associated with each. We start with the New Moon, which Waxes into the First Quarter Moon and then into the Full Moon. Then it Wanes into the Last Quarter Moon, and back to the New Moon.

It’s crazy how the energies of each phase affect us (women especially!) I never had a relationship with the moon. You know the phrase, “Once in a blue moon”? Well, I used to think it was “Once in a Full Moon”! I thought a full moon was a rare occurrence that made people act crazy. It wasn’t until I read a book about regulating your menstrual cycle (Empowered Sustenance) that I learned about the Moon phases and realized the Full Moon was a powerful, monthly, magical event. If you ever want to make sense of why you feel a certain way during certain times of the month, then I strongly suggest you learn about the moon phases. Everything will make so much more sense. You’ll understand yourself better and it will improve ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE! Men, you can also benefit from understanding the moon energies! Nothing will make your life easier than knowing and understanding what the woman (or women) in your life are going through each month!

Here’s a quick overview of the Moon phases:

*New Moon: A time of new beginnings, intention setting.

*Waxing: Movement and flow, expansion, creating.

*Full Moon: A time of celebration, abundance, gratitude, and ceremony.

*Waning Moon: Ebb or low days, protection, boundaries, release, rest, and reflection.

My favorite part of the program was Moon charting. I used the colors yellow and purple to signify my intuitive, energetic FLOW days and blue and gray to show my slow, restorative EBB days. file-nov-30-4-28-38-pm

My personal Moon cycle is actually opposite. My ebb days are during the flow time and my flow time is during the ebb time. But that’s ok! We are all different and all that matters is understanding where you are!

Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in learning more about the Moon phases and how they relate to YOU!

Lunar Love,



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